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2C Instant Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel 75% 50ml Bottle

50ml Hand Sanitiser Gel containing 75% alcohol. Ideal pocket sized hand sanitiser, keeping you clean and moisturised on-the-go. Its 75% alcohol base effectively kills high levels of germs.  Its quick dry formula leaves no sticky residue.
  • 50ml Bottle.
  • 50 x Bottles in box.
  • 300 x Bottles in Case.

75ml Instant Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel Personal Bottles

  • 75ml Hand Sanitiser Gel containing 70% alcohol.
  • Ideal pocket sized hand sanitiser, keeping you clean and moisturised on-the-go.
  • Its 70% alcohol base effectively kills high levels of germs.
  • Its quick dry formula leaves no sticky residue.

AlcoGel 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel 500ml + FREE 60ml Bottle DEAL

• 70% Alcohol • Kills 99.9% bacteria • Leaves hands feeling clean and fresh • Ideal in reception areas, office desks, communal areas • Boxed in 12 x 500ml AlcoGel is a quick acting, non-tainting food safe alcohol hand rub, approved to both BS EN 1500 and BS EN 1276. Built in skin conditioners prevent drying of skin whilst not leaving any sticky residue.

CleanSource® 244mm Hand Held Wooden Scrub Brush – Medium Bristle

  • 244mm bucket brush, waxed wood block, filled hard wearing Union fibre.
  • It is comfortable to hold and very good for close-up work.
  • This is ideal for muddy buckets, pots, garden containers, concrete, and generally any scrubbing work.

GD75 TPE SuperStretch Clear PolyVinyl Synthetic Gloves AQL1.5 (Box 250)

  • Manufactured from: A blend of polythene and synthetic polymers
  • Latex free: reducing the risk of hypersensitivity and allergic reactions
  • Flexible material: For improved feel and fit reducing fatigue during extended wear
  • Low in residual chemicals: To reduce the risk of contact dermatitis associated with these chemicals
  • Powder free: Reduces the risk of dust contamination
  • Embossed: For improved grip
  • Food Contact: Tested in accordance with European standard EN1186 making it suitable for food contact
  • Category 3: EN374: CE2777: AQL1.5
  • GD75 / GD76
COLOUR: Clear BRAND: Shield SIZES: M / L / XL PACKING: 250 gloves per dispenser / 10 dispensers per case

KN95 Protective Face Coverings (Pack of 5) COVID-19

  • Colour: White
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) 98%
  • Particulate Filtration Efficiency at 0.1 micron (PFE) 98%
  • Differential Pressure < 6mm H2O/cm2
  • Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood - 120mm Hg
  • Flame Spread - Class 1

Perola® MediWype™ 2 Ply White 76 Sheet Medical Wipes

Quality wipes for medical instruments.
  • 76 sheets are supplied in a compact, handy dispenser box
  • The box dispenses one single tissue at a time, making each pack last longer
  • Widely used in environments where infection control is paramount, such as: Care homes, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, salons etc.
  • Tough on germs and kind to skin

Perola® PolyPlus™ Super Strong Ultra Low-Lint Wipers in Dispenser Box White

1-ply disposable, single use low lint wipers in a white dispenser box. Medium weight, cloth-like feel, non woven fabric - Blend of cellulose pulp and polyester. Highly absorbent, solvent resistant, and with its high strength they are designed to perform in medium - heavy wiping tasks e.g. oil, solvents, polishing and general cleaning. Their compatability with solvents make theses wipes ideal in industrial environments. Makes light work of heavy duty tasks such as degreasing and cleaning of tools and equipment. The wipes are snag-resistant and 99% lint free, so when torn it doesn't disintegrate. Their low-lint formula means they will not disintegrate or leave residue. They can be wrung out and reused.
150 white wipes in a cardboard dispenser carry box with a handy carry handle.

Perola® WypaMaX60™ Strong Ultra Low-Lint Wiping Rolls 500 Sheets Blue

  • Ultra strong low lint wiping roll
  • Cleans up oil, grease, dirt & debris
  • Resists most thinners and solvents
  • Highly absorbent durable material
  • Suitable for a wide range of uses
  • 500 sheets per roll

Personal 60ml Instant Alcohol Hand Sanitising Gel 70% (Box 50)

An ideal back-to-work personal hand sanitiser to give staff. Its slim design enables staff to keep the handy pocket size sanitiser on them at all times. This hand gel is a blend of ethanol, gelling agent and skin conditioner - caring for your skin whilst destroying bacteria.
  • Contains 70% alcohol
  • Kills 99.9% of all bacteria
  • Made in the UK
  • No water required, no sticky residue
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