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SKU: ECO-04-5L

ecovi® eco-Friendly Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser 5L

Eco-friendly catering & general purpose degreaser.
  • Emulsifies animal fats, grease, oil, blood and protein with ease
  • Non-tainting and FOOD SAFE
  • Suitable for use on aluminium
  • Eco-friendly low foam formulation
  • Use on floors, walls, drains, gullies, canopies etc. in kitchens, bakeries, restaurants, hospitals, meat processing & food manufacturing industry etc.
  • Can be used in scrubber drier machines
SKU: ECO-01-5L

ecovi® eco-Friendly Multi-Purpose Cleaner 5L

  • Eco-friendly all-purpose cleaning concentrate.
  • Ideal for removing soil, grease and heel marks from all synthetic floors.
  • Suitable for use on all non-porous surfaces.
  • Controlled foam helps prevent overuse.
  • Concentrated eco-friendly formulation .
  • Ideal for cleaning floors in offices, schools, hospitals, canteens.
  • Can be used on linoleum, PVC, rubber, sealed wood, sealed cork and thermoplastic floors.
  • N.B. Not recommended for laminated flooring or unsealed wood & cork.
SKU: ECO-03-5L

ecovi® eco-Friendly Toilet Cleaner & Descaler 5L

Ecovi eco-friendly toilet cleaner. Viscous formula clings longer for more thorough action. Cleans and descales washroom areas. Suitable for use on toilet bowls, urinals and stainless steel. Eco-friendly formulation based on organic fruit acids.
SKU: ECO-05-5L

ecovi® eco-Friendly Washing-Up Liquid 5L

  • ecovi Eco-friendly washing-up liquid.
  • Super concentrated, tested & approved at dilution 1 part detergent to 1000 parts water.
  • Mild, long-lasting foam - Perfect for dishwashing by hand.
  • Leaves crockery and glassware sparkling clean & streak-free.
  • Also suitable for floor and general cleaning.
SKU: ECO-02-5L

ecovi® eco-Friendly Washroom Cleaner 5L

Ecovi eco-friendly washroom cleaner for all hard surfaces within the washroom. Cleans rapidly and effectively, whilst controlling and preventing the build-up of lime scale. Application For the regular cleaning of ceramics, painted surfaces, stainless steel, floors, all non-porous surfaces in hotels, sports complexes, conference centres, institutions etc. Use throughout the washroom on washbasins, mirrors and stainless steel urinals.