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CleanSource® 15g Buttermilk Guest Soap

Buttermlik Guest Bar Soaps are ideal for any hotel or serviced accomodation, weighing only 15g these soaps are extremely versatile, therefore are great for hotels and B&Bs. These subtly fragranced soap bars give a soothing and gentle feel, leaving skin feeling cleansed and revitalised. Due to their smaller size, the soap bars can help reduce waste and costs.  

CleanSource®70g Buttermilk Bar Soap

These buttermilk soap bars are the full size 70g (conventional sized) bars which are designed for use in adult environments. The buttermilk soap is kind and gentle to the skin. Great for use in areas where the hands are washed regularly

Dettol Original Anti Bacterial Soap Bars 100g

Dettol anti-bacterial original soap is the gentle, hygienic way to cleans and protect your skin. The sopa contains antibacterial agents that combat germs and bacteria on your skin that water alone cannot remove. Each bar is infused with moisturising agents to promote healthy, hydrated skin, as well as killing bacteria and germs. Dermatologically tested.

Imperial Leather Original Ivory Bar Soap 100g

The original classic ivory bar soap, trusted for generations. Famed for its classic, luxury fragrance, Imperial Leather Original bar soap wraps you in a rich, creamy lather, cleaning and caring for all hands. The Original bar soap that's long lasting, trusted by generation after generation.