PACVAC Superpro Battery 700 Advanced Cordless Backpack Vacuum Cleaner with 4 x Li-ion Batteries

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Supplied complete with 4 Lithium-Ion batteries – giving up to a massive 1 and a half hours continuous vacuuming time! No other machine on the market will work this long in one period!

Also comes with a twin battery charging station – meaning you can charge 2 batteries at once!

Did you know? Pacvac backpack vacuum cleaners are 4 times faster than using a standard tub vacuum cleaner or upright vacuum cleaner. Speed up your productivity today by switching to a Pacvac.

RECOMMENDED USE – Offices, Commercial Premises, Retail (store outlets and supermarkets), Car Dealerships, Stadiums, Theatres, Education Facilities (Schools, Colleges, Universities) and Public Buildings (Civic Centres, Museums and Galleries).

Cordless Backpack Vacuum Cleaners are 4x Faster!

When it comes to the world’s most efficient vacuum cleaners, backpack vacuums are standout performers against both canisters and uprights – creating significant productivity gains and delivering cost reductions.

Backpack vacuums are proven to be over 4x more productive than uprights and almost 4x faster than canisters*.

* The Official ISSA 612 Cleaning Times and Tasks.

Pacvac’s Superpro battery 700 Advanced is an advanced battery-powered design with strong suction, delivering a superior combination of manoeuvrability, efficiency and productivity. The ergonomic configuration makes this one of the lightest and most comfortable battery backpacks on the market.

This product comes standard with four battery packs. Two batteries are required for machine operation and the other two are conveniently provided as spares to keep you cleaning for longer.

Features Unique to this Product

Battery Operated

HEPA Rated HyperconeTM Filter


Smart Design is in Our DNA

Pacvac was certain of the productivity gains to be experienced by wearing a vacuum cleaner and in 1978 delivered a product which did exactly that. An innovative backpack vacuum, created from basic garage and household items, which would revolutionise the way the world understood efficient cleaning.

Today, very proudly, Pacvac is sought after as the number one brand by many of the world’s most professional cleaning companies, from dedicated owner-operator businesses through to international corporations.

Continuous design efforts focused on achieving ultimate ‘wearable’ comfort and durability, as well as creating productivity gains and delivering significant cost reductions is what positions Pacvac as the world leading manufacturer of backpack vacuum cleaners.


Built for Performance


* Please note these attributes relate to the Superpro 700. Machine components may vary dependent on the model purchased.

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  • Motor: 300W hi-perfomance brushless motor
  • Noise Level (at 1.5m): 67dB(A)
  • Run-time: Up to 45min per set (1.5 hours on both sets)
  • Charge: 1 hour 45 mins (2 batteries)
  • Filtration: 4 stage, HEPA Rated HyperconeTM Filter
  • Volumetric Airflow (per sec): 33 litres
  • Capacity: 5 litres
  • Weight: 5.7kg (with batteries ex. hose)
  • Warranty: 2 years on body and motor 1 year on batteries and charger

Pacvac Superpro 700 Series Technical Sheet