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10 Litre Rapid Liquid Ice Melt (Sprayable)

  • Ideal for stairwells, gantries and other areas which can’t be deiced by salt.
  • Ideal for spraying through pressurised sprayers or backpack sprayers.
  • Liquid ice melt can melt 10mm of ice within 25 seconds!
  • Will typically de-ice down to -12.5°C and prevent re-freezing down to -18°C.
  • Unique formula can prevent re-freezing for up to 48 hours.
  • Non-corrosive and friendly to the environment.
  • 10 Litre Jerrycan will typically cover 2000m2

12 Cu.Ft / 350 Litre Eco-friendly Black & Yellow Grit Bin

  • Produced from recycled polymer material.
  • This eco-friendly grit bin is a cost-effective and popular choice.
  • 200 Litre Size: 1020mm (L) x 520mm (W) x 720mm (H) / Weighs: 10.5Kg empty
  • 350 Litre Size: 1200mm (L) x 725mm (W) x 750mm (H) / Weighs: 20.5Kg empty
  • Hinged Lid – protects salt from the elements.
  • Can be fitted with a hasp and staple lock for extra security (sold separately).
  • Supplied with permanent ‘GRIT’ graphic.

12 Cu.Ft / 350 Litre Yellow Grit Bin

  • These stackable grit bins are extremely useful for space saving and provide a cost effective solution.
  • Manufactured from a touch, medium density UV stabilised polyethylene.
  • 200 Litre Size: 1020mm (L) x 520mm (W) x 720mm (H) / Weighs: 10.5kg empty.
  • 350 Litre Size: 1200mm (L) x 725mm (W) x 750mm (H) / Weighs: 20.5kg empty.
  • Can be fitted with a hasp and stable lock for extra security (sold separately).
  • Forklift channels for easy transportation across site.

14 Cu.Ft / 400 Litre Lockable Yellow Grit Bin

  • Offers secure and safe storage of salt and grit.
  • Widely used by local authorities for roadside storage.
  • Manufactured from high grade polyethylene.
  • UV-stabilised for durability.
  • Features a reinforced lid which allows 270° opening.
  • Will not discolour or deteriorate through long-term exposure to the elements.
  • Size 710mm (H) x 1260mm (W) x 750mm(D)

18kg Salt Spreader

  • A very popular spreader due to its ease of use and durability.
  • Designed to be used with De-icing salt & Ice-Melts!
  • 18Kg hopper capacity.
  • Incorporates a 3-hole drop shut-off system to ensure an even and balanced spread pattern.
  • Up to 3m typical spread width.
  • Heavy-duty solid linkage control - stronger than traditional cable mechanisms.
  • 220mm (dia.) pneumatic tyres allow the spreader to be used on rough terrain.
  • Steel 'T' nar handle with epoxy powder-coated chassis.

2-Part Motorist Snow Shovel

  • Ideal for dispensing de-icing material and shovelling snow.
  • Lightweight & Virtually Unbreakable.
  • Injection moulded, High quality thermoplastic shovel.
  • Designed to cope with the rigours of winter.
  • The 2-Part motorist shovel has a detachable shaft, making it easy-to-transport in the boot of your car.

2.1 Cu.Ft / 60 Litre Yellow Grit Bin

  • Hinged lid protects contents from the elements.
  • Hasp and staple lock can be fitted if required.
  • 160 Litre Size: 450mm (H) x 500mm (w) x 470mm (D)
  • Weights just 10Kg when empty.
  • 60 Litre has a capacity of 65kg. (Approx 3 sacks of 25Kg Rock Salt).

2″ / 50mm Expert Scraper with Grip

  • Premium-quality scraper knife
  • Corrosion-resistant spring-tempered 50mm steel blade
  • Two-tone soft-grip handle
  • Moulded palm grip
  • Hanging hole
  • For removing paint & wall coverings

220 Litre Ultimate Grit Bin Kit with 10 x 25Kg Sacks of Salt

  • Innovative and robust designed grit bin with everything you need in readiness for winter
  • This unique grit bin has a full moisture control system which prevents the ingress of moisture - keeps salt dry and ready for use.
Grit bin supplied with:
  • 1 X Hi-Vis Vest - 2 Band
  • 1 x Polyco Thermal Gloves
  • 1 x Space Saving Shovel
  • 1 x Rust Proof Long Shackle Padlock
  • 1 x Pack of 8 Reflective Decal Kit
  • 10 x 25kg bags of White De-Icing Salt

36kg Professional Heavy Duty High Output Salt Spreader

  • With unique agitation at point of delivery for complete hopper emptying.
  • 36kg hopper capacity and 4m typical spread width – up to 50% wider than other spreaders.
  • Unique interchangeable trays can be quickly and easily changed according to the de-icing material being used.
  • Supplied with High Output Tray; Standard 3-Hole Tray available separately.
  • Features height-adjustable handle for user comfort; heavy-duty gearbox, plus solid linkage ‘T’ handle gauge and lever control.
  • Heavy-duty powder coated steel chassis withstands harsh environments.
  • 330mm (Dia.) pneumatic tyres on rust-proof poly rims provide traction on snow and ice.
  • Also available, 3-sided deflector kit to direct salt to where it’s needed and rain cover to keep contents dry.

4.5 Cu.Ft / 115 Litre Yellow Grit Bin

  • Hinged lid protects contents from the elements.
  • Hasp and staple lock can be fitted if required.
  • 115 Litre Size: 605mm (H) x 800mm (w) x 474mm (D)
  • Weights just 10Kg when empty.
  • 115 Litre has a capacity of 125kg. (Approx 5 / 6 sacks of 25Kg Rock Salt).

4.6 Cu.Ft / 130 Litre Slimline Yellow Grit Bin

  • Ideal for use in areas where storage is need, but space is at a premium.
  • Fully stackable for easy transportation.
  • Forklift recess enables easy handling with forks and straps.
  • Measures: 750mm (H)x 850mm (W) x 500mm (D).
  • 130L is approximately 140Kg capacity (around 6 x 25Kg sacks of Rock Salt).
  • Optional Telescopic Shovel (EV-SI-SK1) can be attached to the lid of the bin so that it is always to hand.