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SKU: J82S.5

CleanSource® GRAFFITA-POWER Ultra Strong Graffiti Remover For Brick 5L

  • Heavy duty - Penetrates all types of graffiti: Spraypaints, permanent markers, all paints, including basecoats.
  • Has a thick clinging formula for prolonged contact times without spreading.
  • Can remove graffiti from: Brickwork, breezeblock, sandstone and most solvent resistant surfaces.
  • Penetrates the graffiti quickly.
  • N.B. Not suitable for use on solvent sensitive surfaces such as plastics & polycarbonates.
SKU: T070

D-SOLVE Strong Graffiti Remover 750ml Trigger

D-Solve Graffiti Remover is a powerful water-soluble spray cleaner for professional use. D-Solve will remove graffiti from brick, concrete and stone. It has a low-odour blend of specialist ingredients with no choking fumes and a low viscosity formulation to provide faster and superior penetration for a fast graffiti-removing action. How to use For use on masonry work – stone, brick and concrete. Do not use on plastics, painted surfaces or other solvent-sensitive surfaces. D-Solve Graffiti Remover should be sprayed onto the graffiti and allowed sufficient time to penetrate. The surface should then be rinsed with plenty of clean water. If a further application is necessary allow the surface to dry completely first. 6 x 750ml bottles.

EziWipes™ Graffiti Wipes (1×150)

  • Removes graffiti from non-porous surfaces. Removes inks, markers, paints etc. Also restores whiteboards.
  • Wipe will penetrate rapidly and dissolve the hard surface coating of agents e.g. gloss paint, aerosol paints, permanent marker pens etc.
  • Safe to use on plastics and vinyl.
  • Widely used by schools, colleges & offices etc.
  • Bucket of 150 Wipes.
SKU: T018

Graffiti Remover – For Plastics & Sensitive Surfaces – 750ml Trigger

A new solvent blend formula, which safely and effectively removes graffiti from plastic and polycarbonate surfaces without damaging them, not causing them to bloom or the surface to turn opaque. The surfactant system allows a unique “wash off” rinse away property, which will prevent residual waste build-up on the surface, a low viscosity ensures quicker and more effective surface penetration than traditional graffiti removing gels.
Features & Benefits
  • Specially formulated to safely remove graffiti from plastics and polycarbonates.
  • The advanced graffiti remover is suitable for use against aerosol paints.
  • D-solve graffiti remover also available, specially formulated for brickwork and masonry.
  • Sold individually.
  • Full case pack size - 6 x 750ml.
How to Use Graffiti Remover
Spray the chemical onto the graffiti in the applicable area. Allow it to have sufficient time to penetrate the offending area. Wash the graffiti remover off with plenty of clean water. Do not allow the neat product to dry on to surface.