We stock a massive range of bin liners in the envirosack® range.

– Pedal Bin Liners (11 x 17 x 18″ in size) these are to suit the very small pedal bins. (i.e. the small 3L pedal bins you may have in a small WC cubicle).
– Square Bin Liners (15 x 24 x 24″ in size) these are to suit all office waste paper bins. Even though they’re called square bin liners, they’re also suitable for round bins!
– Swing Bin Liners (13 x 23 x 30″ in size) these are to suit the swing top bins (around waist height in size) are they are also good for the larger 30L size chrome pedal bins.

We also do an increasing amount of compostable liners for the small kitchen top caddy bins, larger kerbside caddy bins and compostable refuse sacks. envirosack® has you covered.

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