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(1m-1.7m) Telescopic Handle for Aluminium Flat Mop Frame

  • Extendable from 1000mm to 1700mm for optimum cleaning versatility.
  • Just one handle for floors, walls and windows.
  • Telescopic handle with drilled fitting for use with flat mop frames.

40cm Speedy Flat Mop Head Looped Yarn

  • Flat mop head for use with Break Frame.
  • No need to use a bucket, just spray the floor surface.
  • Flat mop of looped cotton and synthetic yarn mixture for hard-wearing performance.

50 x Disposable Microfibre Flat Mop Heads White for Rapid Mop

Dust care and control is a fundamental and vital starting point for the majority of public area cleaning programmes, as indeed is spot cleaning when appropriate, but when based on the MicroStatic DISPOSABLE mop system, allowing for fully COST CONTROLLED operations, you really do have the best of both worlds. For dust control sweeping the MicroStatic holder is both efficient and exceptionally convenient, anybody can use one anytime, so as and when time permits clean, dust free floors are quick and easy to achieve and are really an extra bonus for everybody. Eventually the mop will be dirty and need replacing; just throw away the old and put on the new. It really is that simple, cost effective and really appreciated by public and user alike. PLEASE NOTE: To use the disposable Microfibre Flat Mop Head (You will need the DISPAD - X0215202 / 629810) which sits between the Rapid Flat Mop Frame and the Disposable mop head itself.

DISPAD MicroStatic Disposable Dusting Flat Mop Gripper Pad

An innovative dry dusting system that uses single-use strips, designed to effectively attract dust. The disposable fibre strips clip to a 55cm mop frame, and are easy to attach and remove. X0215202 / 629810.  

Dual Mop 40cm (16″) Microfibre Flat Mop Head White With Scrub Strips

This microfibre floor pad is highly absorbent, easily attracting dust, debris and bacteria. The pad is non-abrasive, therefore will not scratch or tarnish your flooring. A velcro attachment makes attaching the pad to the dual spray mop frame is simple.
  • Colour: White & Grey
  • Use in conjunction with the Dual Mop
  • Velcro attachment - Easy to apply to mop head
  • Microfibre picks up dirt without tarnishing surfaces
  • Microfibre - Less water needed to clean surfaces

Dual Mop 40cm (16″) Spray Microfibre Flat Mop Frame and Handle

Light and mobile, the Dual Mop is a bucketless mop system which provides controllable moisture, to give smear-free dry floors. Ideal for daytime cleaning in lightly soiled areas. A 480ml internal reservoir in the handle is thumb-operated spray control, enabling quick application of water or solution directly in front of the mop. This allows bucketless cleaning, ideal when tackling large areas . Its dual design means you can mop and dry floors without needing to change equipment, giving you cleaner and safer floors in less time.
  • 480ml internal reservoir - Efficient, bucketless cleaning
  • Thumb-operated spray control for easy application of solution
  • Produces 3 jets of solution for a thorough clean
  • Dual-head design - Saves time, no change of equipment

Dual Mop 40cm (16″) Superdry Drying Flat Mop Head Grey

Made from microfibre, this pad is highly absorbent and highly effective at collecting moisture. This makes for quick and easy mopping / drying of flooring. The microfibre material is non-abrasive, therefore will not tarnish floors, walls and windows.
  • Suitable for drying hard floors, walls and windows
  • Highly absorbent microfibre - Rapid drying
  • Non-abrasive microfibre - Will not scratch or damage floors
  • Fully launderable for endless reuse

Pulse 40cm (16″) Scrubbing Microfibre Flat Mop Head Yellow

Use to clean tough, dried on stains. Reduces water consumption by up to 90% over against traditional damp mops. Velcro attachment system. Bleach safe durability microfibre withstands harsh high-pH detergents. 67% Microfibre, 22% Polyester and 11% Polypropolene. Ideal for e.g. safety flooring, ceramic tiles etc. for removing stains and any time scrubbing is required. Superior microfiber is proven to remove micro organisms with non-disinfectant neutral cleaner.

Pulse 40cm (16″) Superior Microfibre Flat Mop Head Blue

Clean more in less time! Made from microfibre, featuring an on-board reservoir with a user controlled release, this mop head allows you to clean floors faster, easier and more effectively. Made especially for infection control, particularly in hospitals, hospices and care homes, where infections e.g. C.Diff may occur. Its innovative zig-zag construction head made with 62% microfibre, 22% polyester and 11% polypropylene, this mop is highly resistant to bacterial growth. The mop head lasts for 500 washes.