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SKU: J2S.5

CleanSource® ACID-WASH Powerful High Strength Acidic Cleaner 5L

  • Highly concentrated acidic cleaner for removing severe scale.
  • Highly powerful descaler - Ideal for removing scale & stains in toilets.
  • Based on a special blend of surfactants with hydrochloric acid.
  • Widely used in industrial and public washroom areas.
  • Not suitable for use on stainless steel.
SKU: C34S.5

CleanSource® ALU-BRITE Aluminium Cleaner & Descaler 5L

ALU SAFE is an aluminium cleaner and descaler for cleaning and brightening aluminium and its alloys. Also suitable for descaling of industrial and kitchen equipment. Dilute 1 part to 5 parts water. Brush solution onto surface to be cleaned starting at the bottom. Thoroughly agitate the surface with a brush to remove loose dirt. Rinse off with water. For stubborn tarnishing contact time may be increased or the product may be used more concentrated. Extra care should be taken when using neat material. N.B. Do not allow detergent to dry out onto aluminium. Do not use on magnesium alloy or anodised surfaces.
SKU: 704.5

CleanSource┬« TAR’N’GLUE Tar & Glue Remover 5L

  • Removes tar, bitumen and most solvent-based glue stains from any solvent resistant surface.
  • Ready-to-use thin liquid, based on a blend of solvents - Tar & Glue Remover is not water-soluble.
  • Used to clean vehicle surfaces of road tar and bitumen, remove glue residue from glass windows and PVC door or window frames.
  • Widely used in car valeting and the automotive and transport industries, as well as being used for general janitorial and building maintenance.
SKU: 712

INKOV Ink & Pen Mark Remover 200ml

  • Fast-acting ink and pen mark remover
  • Dissolves inks, ball-point pen, felt-tip pen, and dry wipe markers from hard surfaces and solvent resistant fabrics rapidly.
  • Ideal for use on classroom whiteboards and glass - Spray on, wipe off.
  • NB: May dull or remove varnish and paint from some surfaces.
SKU: 9069

POCKET ROCKET Maintenance Lubricant Aerosol 500ml – Similar to WD40

  • High specification penetrating moisture repellent
  • Suitable for 100's of applications
The special blend of water dispersing agents and corrosion inhibitors instantly displaces water leaving a light silicone free protective film. Lubricates moving parts such as hinges, wheels, chains and gears. Penetrates through dust, dirt and rust to release corrosion locked parts such as nuts and bolts. Ideally suited for both industrial and domestic applications. Advanced formula containing PTFE. The cheaper equivalent of WD40.
SKU: 0205

PTFE DRY FILM Lubricant Aerosol (12x400ml)

  • Ideal on all mechanisms
  • Smooth & durable with non sticky finish
Repels moisture and provides a smooth yet durable finish that is non-sticky. Suitable for use where conventional lubricants are liable to dry out or transfer. Suited where oils and greases may attract dust.
SKU: 0200

SILICONE SPRAY MEDIUM DUTY General Purpose Release Agent Aerosol 500ml

  • High quality lubricant
  • Universal application for all industries
Highly efficient release agent suitable for use in a wide variety of industries and domestic applications. Used in the food production machinery where incidental food contact may occur. Provides a protective film to inhibit the build-up of dust and repel water on equipment and moving parts.