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2 Ply Katrin Classic System 800 Eco Toilet Rolls (1×36)

  • Soft effective quality toilet paper (103424)
  • 2-Ply, white
  • For use with Katrin System Toilet Dispenser
  • Very large roll size (800 sheets) and dispenser holds 2 rolls
  • Suitable for high traffic areas
  • Controlled dispensing, and self presenting sheets reduce consumption and improve hygiene
  • Made from high quality fibres and have been proven, via Dissolving test 90 seconds, Metsa Tissue 02 method, to break down and dissolve quickly and efficiently in water, under normal usage conditions
  • Certified under the Nordic Swan Eco Label

2 Ply Tork® Mini SmartOne System Single-Sheet Toilet Rolls T9

  • Can reduce tissue consumption by up to 40% compared to traditional jumbo roll dispensers - More uses per roll
  • Soft 2-ply tissue, case: 12 rolls, 620 sheets per roll
  • Environmentally friendly - Made from 75% recycled
  • Large sheet size - Delivers sufficient paper in single sheet, minimising consumption
  • Disintegrates quickly - Minimising toilet and pipe blockages
  • High capacity roll - Less maintenance time, ensures paper is always available
  • Hygienic system - Only touch the sheet you use
  • SmartCore core removal for fast and easy refilling
  • Accredited with the EU Eco Label

2 Ply Tork® SmartOne System Single-Sheet Toilet Rolls T8

2-ply SmartOne single sheet dispensing system
  • Dispenses one sheet of tissue at a time: Reduce consumption by up to 40% - More uses per roll
  • Ideal for high traffic washrooms
  • Printed with a leaf design, this system complements any washroom
  • 1150 sheets of high quality 2-ply tissue per roll
  • Environmentally friendly rolls - Made from 75% recycled paper
  • Accredited with the EU Eco Label
  • Quick disintegration + reduced consumption = less risk of pipe blockages
  • High capacity - Saves maintenance time
  • SmartCore © core removal – for fast and easy refilling

2 Ply Tork® T6 Auto Shift System Toilet Rolls (1×27)

The 2 ply T6 auto shift system toilet roll system is a modern, efficient system ideal for low - medium traffic washrooms with a primary focus on guest satisfaction. Each roll has 90 metres of premium, soft 2-ply paper for ultra comfort and absorbency. These rolls offer a superior look and feel with the right performance, as well as creating a hygienic, cost-effective washroom solution.
  • A Premium soft compact toilet roll with 90m that fits into the T6 Tork dispenser toilet paper compact roll twin.
  • A high capacity compact system with back-up roll automatically into place.
  • For use with Tork T6 dispensing systems
  • 2-ply tissue
  • Soft on skin and highly absorbent
  • Suitable for all washrooms
  • Roll length: 90m
  • Pack of 27
  • Colour: White

2 Ply White Luxury V FOLD / INTERFOLD FLUSHABLE Hand Towels 21cm Wide (1×3150)

2 ply white luxury interfold hand towels. The rapid dissolving tissue to reduce the risk of cloggings. These premium flushable hand towels are ideal for use in shared washrooms, as they dissolve in less than 3 minutes when submerged in water. Food contact approved, the 2 ply towels are wave embossed for approved absorbency. These hand towels are resistant and dissolvable. During use, it acts like a normal hand towel, however once used it can be disposed of in the toilet where it will dissolve completely with no risks of blockages or clogging. Ideal for use in schools, nursing & care homes, trains and aeroplanes etc.

90mm STIFF Bristle Double Sided Plastic Nail Brush

Double sided plastic bristle nail brush, available in four colours.

97mm MEDIUM Bristle Double Sided Wooden Nail Brush

97mm wood block nail brush, double sided, filled white Nylon.
  • Stiffness: Medium
  • Material: Wood
  • Length: 92mm
  • Width: 37mm
  • Height: 43mm
  • Fill Material: Nylon

Bison™ 12 Litre Stainless Steel Pedal Bin With Plastic Liner

This 12 Litre pedal bin is great for smaller spaces and is supplied with easy to clean removable plastic liner.