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HygiQuip™ Eco White Plastic Baby Changing Unit Horizontal Surface Mounted

  • Hygienic, safe and reliable wall mounted baby changing unit
  • Manufactured with antibacterial HDPE, ensuring the surface remains hygienic and clean, avoiding bacteria and mould build up
  • Supports a maximum load of 20kg, therefore infants as old as 3 and a half years old can be safely changed on the station
  • Its deep, concave shape to helps keep the infant still, safe and comfortable whilst their nappy is changed
  • Supplied with an adjustable restraining belt so children can be comfortably and safely held in place during the changing process
  • Fits to walls easily and with a narrow depth, the unit does not protrude too far from the wall. This is particularly useful for smaller bathrooms and changing areas where space is at a premium.
SKU: WH-BC-002

HygiQuip™ Premium White Plastic Baby Changing Unit Horizontal Surface Mounted

  • A durable and safe nappy changing unit
  • Has a protective coating that inhibits growth and spread of bacteria and germs
  • 23kg capacity - Allows for changing of children up to 3 years old
  • Rigid and robust design for heavy duty traffic e.g. in shopping centres, airports etc.
  • Has a deep concave side wall to limit infant movement, plus an adjustable safety strap to hold child in place
  • Features a bag hook - Conveniently hang belongings
  • Braille inside the unit - Helps visually impaired users
  • The opening and closing uses a Pneumatic gas shock mechanism for a smooth and safe opening process