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Best Sellers

Shop our best sellers to keep your facilities clean, safe & hygienic.
    SKU: PTT103

    3-Ply Triple Layer Luxury Quilted Toilet Rolls (1×40)

    Bliss toilet tissue is a premium 3 ply quilted toilet tissue, micro-embossed with a flower design. Superior quality toilet tissue with soft and strong sheets for greater absorption and softness. Made from virgin tissue, which is sourced from managed forests, making this a great choice for eco-friendly customers. Superior quality toilet tissue with soft and strong sheets for greater absorption and softness. With perforations the toilet roll is extremely easy to tear off, and will dispense from any normal domestic toilet roll holder.

    Ideal for the higher-end of the market these rolls offer that little bit of luxury where needed - Perfect for hotels, offices, and most popular for your home.

    SKU: NB1PF

    Blue Powder Free NITRILE Examination Gloves (1×100)

    Our best selling Blue Powder Free Nitrile Gloves that are ideal for Dental, Medical, Janitorial, Hygiene, Automotive, Food Industry & all general applications. Quality Blue Nitrile examination gloves that offer increased tensile strength and protection over Latex and Vinyl. Thin Nitrile examination gloves specifically designed to offer increased comfort, flexibility & sensitivity. Boxes of 100, Cases of 10 x 100.
    • 3.2mil Medical Grade Powder-Free Nitrile
    • Non-Sterile, Beaded cuff, Ambidextrous, Latex Free
    • AQL 1.5 / EN374 / EN455 / CE2777
    • Category 3 - Effective against Viruses
    SKU: S10S.5

    CleanSource® Hansan® Instant 73% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel 5L

    • 73% Alcohol • Kills 99.9% bacteria • Certified to EN 1276 and EN 1500 • Leaves hands feeling clean and fresh • Ideal for bulk-fill dispenser or for use with a pelican pump • Boxed in 2
    SKU: J13S.5

    CleanSource® MP LEMON Multi-Purpose Cleaner Lemon 5L

    • Multi-purpose cleaner with a fresh lemon fragrance.
    • Removes soil, grease and heel marks from non-porous surfaces.
    • Optimised for mopping or scrubbing machine use.
    • Controlled foam helps prevent overuse of the solution.
    • An effective maintenance cleaner for all polished floors.
    • For cleaning floors in offices, schools, hospitals canteens etc.
    • Also suitable for use on linoleum, PVC, rubber, sealed wood, sealed cork and thermoplastic floors.
    SKU: SCB10

    envirosack® Clear Refuse Sacks Medium Duty (18x29x38″) 80L (1×200)

    Medium duty refuse sacks.
    • Colour: Clear
    • Capacity: 80 Litres
    • Size: 18 x 29 x 34 inches
    • Previously: LBCOL/N
    CHSA approved. Designed for selective waste collection and general household use. Flat packed. Made from a bi-modular material.
    SKU: LGB34

    envirosack® Medium Duty Black Refuse Sacks (18x29x34″) 80L (1×200)

    Black medium duty sacks.
    • Colour: Black
    • Capacity: 80 Litres
    • Size: 18 x 29 x 34 inches
    CHSA approved. Designed for general waste in offices, nursing homes, schools etc. Made from 100% recycled polythene.
    SKU: CBV01

    i-Vac Cobotic 1700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner + Charger

    Just tell me what to do... I'll do the work!

    The co-bot 1700 can be programmed to vacuum spaces as precise and efficiently as possible. With the i-team professional app, you can divide the room in several zones and view day to day information. It’s also possible to create virtual boundaries to setup your device as precise as possible. No time for that? The co-bot 1700 can also program itself to perform the most efficient cleaning job.

    Not all great things need time... Get the job done fast!

    The co-botic 1700 can keep working for up to 270 minutes. Want to keep working around the clock? By adding an extra battery to your inventory, you can alternate the batteries and keep working non-stop. Bonus: it can even be used overnight in dark areas without any trouble.

    We make a great team... Always the cleanest results!

    It’s possible to program the co-botic 1700 with the i-team professional app and give it specific cleaning instructions. Alternatively, the co-botic 1700 can program itself to perform the most efficient cleaning job.

    We love Mother Nature... Nothing wasted!

    The co-botic 1700 is programmed to vacuum as precisely and efficiently as possible. Every bit of energy is used for cleaning - nothing wasted. Where the co-botic 1700 only used 50W in one hour, several alternatives would easily be using 1000W.

    Safety doesn’t happen by accident... Cleaning and safety go hand in hand!

    As the co-botic 1700 works on a battery, there are no cables involved. This instantly reduces the risk of falling hazards. By setting virtual boundaries in the app, you make sure the co-botic 1700 stays in designated areas.

    A better way... Easy does it!

    By combining autonomous cleaning with the trained human eye, you can get most out of your cleaning operations. The operator and the machine make a perfect team as they can simultaneously execute repetitive and detailed cleaning jobs.
    SKU: 913479

    Numatic 244NX/1 Compact Scrubber Drier + 1 Battery & Charger

    70% Saving in Cleaning Costs & 80% Lower Water Use!

    • Smart Water Use The direct water feed to the centre of the brushes distributes evenly and consistently across the cleaning area, delivering best in class water efficiency.
    • Powerful Brush Deck Delivering controlled and lightweight handling with no messy spray from the twin motor aluminium brush deck.
    • Faster Charging Fast charging giving 80% charge in just 1 hour.
    • Pay Back in 5 Minutes Switching to a 244NX for just 5 minutes a day instead of mopping makes big savings, returning the total machine cost in 3 years.
    SKU: SDB373

    NVM1CH Type Hepa Flow Vacuum Bags for Numatic Tub Vacuums (1×10)

    Replacement Henry micro fibre cloth dust bags with improved 5 layer filtration system which will capture 99% of dust, pollen, mites and microscopic particles, an alternative to the standard paper dust bags. These dust bags fit the range of Numatic tub vacuum cleaners. Specifically the Henry HVR200, Hetty HET200, James JVP180, Nuvac VNP180, Nuvac VNR 200 and the Numatic NVR200 models. But most commonly found and used on the Henry vacuum cleaner.
    SKU: PV-700UK

    Pacvac Superpro 700 240v Mains Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

    The most popular of Pacvac's backpack range, the Superpro 700 encompasses the perfect balance of comfort, durability and efficiency, making this machine the number one choice for everyday cleaning.

    Did you know?

    Pacvac backpack vacuum cleaners are 3 x faster than using a standard tub vacuum cleaner or upright vacuum cleaner. Speed up your productivity today by switching to a Pacvac. RECOMMENDED USE: Offices, Commercial Premises, Retail (store outlets and supermarkets), Car Dealerships, Stadiums, Theatres, Education Facilities (Schools, Colleges, Universities) and Public Buildings (Civic Centres, Museums and Galleries). Very popular in the transport sector such as cleaning Aeroplanes, Trains and Coaches.
    SKU: PV-VB100VE01A02

    Pacvac Velo Battery Backpack Vacuum Cleaner + 2 Batteries & Charger

    Vacuum Cleaning Redefined.
    Velo cordless backpack vacuum cleaner is the ultimate performer delivering high levels of convenience with its compact design. Developed with advanced battery technology and a brushless motor to give superior suction power and longer motor life.
    • 1h 45min charging time (per set)
    • Up to 50min run time (per set)
    SKU: PHT200

    Perola® HanDri™ 1-Ply Green Eco C-FOLD Hand Towels (1×2850)

    These highly absorbent, recycled 1-ply C-fold hand towels from Perola® HanDri™ are ideal for use in kitchen areas for drying hands and can be used in any C-fold paper towel dispenser. The C-fold paper towels clean up spillages and dry hands quickly and efficiently, allowing you to keep a clean and hygienic environment. These towels have a high level of absorbency and are strong, even when saturated with moisture. Suitable for drying hands, cleaning up small spillages and wiping tables. The interleaved designs means only one towel is released from the dispenser at a time, making them ideal for busy washrooms.
    SKU: PTT101

    Perola® SofRol™ 2-Ply 320 Sheet Standard Toilet Rolls (1×36)

    Economical 2 ply toilet paper for easy sanitation. Well suited for public bathrooms and workplace facilities. 2 ply for more comfort and better quality 320 sheets per roll. Supplied in a pack of 36 rolls. Colour: White.
    SKU: PCF312

    Perola® WypaRol™ Contract 2-Ply Blue Centrefeed Rolls (1×6)

    The uses for the Perola WypaRol are endless! Blue roll is ideal for use in commercial environments, especially food preparation areas. This 6 pack of 2-ply, recycled blue rolls is perfect for absorbing spillages, cleaning appliances and surfaces as well as drying hands. The centrefeed roll design allows these blue rolls to be used in any centrefeed roll dispenser, creating a cost effective, efficient and eco-friendly paper roll dispensing unit, or on their own for easy portable cleaning. The recycled paper material used to make this blue roll will also ease the burden on the world's forests and raw resources, helping you to become more sustainable in your day-to-day operation.
    • 400 Sheets per Roll x 180mm Wide. The ideal contract roll for multiple wiping applications.
    • If you require a longer roll, we recommend our PCF310 Superior 150m Embossed Blue Centrefeed Roll.
    SKU: SS4C100

    SaniWipes™ SaniSafe 4C Anti-Viral Surface Sanitising Wipes (1×100)

    • As the world continues to fight the Coronavirus pandemic, ensure your home and business are safe with the use of Sanisafe 4c surface disinfecting wipes.
    • Sanisafe 4c Wipes offers quick, convenient and fast disinfection to surfaces around the office, home, gym, school, restaurant, takeaway outlets and more... Sanisafe 4c Wipes have proven kill rates for micro-organisms against a variety of major viruses, bacteria and fungi.
    • These coronavirus disinfectant surface wipes are effective against many Gram Positive & Gram Negative bacteria, viruses and fungi including Corona Virus, Swine Flue (H1N1), Salmonella, Listeria, E-Coli, Staphloccu Aureas, C-Dif, MRSA, Candida Albicans & Aspergillus Niger.
    • Tested to EU Norms, including EN1276, EN1650 & EN14776
    • Heavy Duty wet wipe for single use in a handy portable pouch which eliminates cross contamination.
    • 1 x 100 Wipes per Pack / 12 Packs per Case.

    Strong Black Powder Free NITRILE Gloves (1×100)

    These Medical Grade Black Nitrile Gloves are constructed using 5mil powder free nitrile, offering better tensile strength and protection compared to either latex or vinyl. A beaded cuff prevents liquid from entering the glove, while the micro-texture finish ensures a secure grip at all times. The gloves are highly durable, ambidextrous and suitable for a range of industries. Approved for food contact and medical use, these Black Nitrile Gloves are ideal for a variety of single-use care applications, including nursing, dentistry and care home work. Their robust nitrile construction gives them excellent strength, making them suitable for handling a range of materials both within and outside the care industry. See full description below.
    SKU: VNP180

    VNP180 Nuvac 8L Commercial Tub Vacuum Cleaner 240v

    The Nuvac 180 has many similar features of the HENRY vacuum cleaner yet simpler and more cost effective for bulk purchases of tub vacs. Outstanding long lasting performance has made the Nuvac 180 one of our best selling tub vacuum cleaners!
    SKU: VNR200

    VNR200 Nuvac 9L Tub Vacuum Cleaner 240v (Commercial version of HENRY)

    The Nuvac 200 has many similar features of the HENRY vacuum cleaner yet simpler and more cost effective for bulk purchases of tub vacs. Outstanding long lasting performance has made the Nuvac 200 one of our best selling tub vacuum cleaners!

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