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SKU: J21S.5

CleanSource® EXTRACLOR Extra Thick Bleach 5L

  • Extra thick bleach with clinging formula.
  • Effective against all pathogenic organisms.
  • Contains detergents for improved cleaning.
  • Kills 99.999% germs and bacteria rapidly.
  • For drains, lavatories, general cleaning etc.
  • Has a hint of pot-pourri fragrance.
SKU: J32C.5

CleanSource® FLORASAN Anti-Bac Cleaner & Disinfectant 5L

  • Floral fragranced daily cleaner and disinfectant
  • Kills 99.999% of bacteria, including MRSA. Tested to BS EN 1276 at a dilution of 1:30 by an independent laboratory.
  • Its neutral formula makes it safe for use on all surfaces.
  • Freshens washroom areas, toilets, urinals, floors, drains, rubbish bins, rubbish carts, waste disposal chutes, carpets, entrance matting, sunbeds, sports equipment etc.
  • Used in hotels, nightclubs, public houses, conference centres, public rooms and public buildings, nursing homes, retirement homes, airports, department stores, shops, ships, boats and ferries.
SKU: J35S.5

CleanSource® FRESH LEMON Disinfectant & Deodoriser 5L

Anti-Bacterial Lemon Disinfectant / Deodoriser
  • Kills smells & malodours
  • Use on floors, walls & drains
  • Leaves a fresh lemon fragrance
  • Conforms to BS 6471 QAP 60, Kills E-Coli
  • Bactericidal, highly concentrated & perfumed
  • Fast acting, aluminium safe, stainless steel safe
SKU: J30S.5

CleanSource® FRESH PINE Disinfectant & Deodoriser 5L

Pine Disinfectant & Deodoriser
  • Kills smells and malodours
  • Use on floors, walls & drains
  • Leaves a fresh pine fragrance
  • Conforms to BS6471 QAP30, Kills E-Coli
  • Contains a broad spectrum quaternary biocide
  • Bactericidal, highly concentrated, perfumed
  • Safe for use on aluminium and stainless steel
  • Aluminium & Stainless Steel Safe
SKU: J22.5

CleanSource® HYPOCLOR 10 Super Strength Industrial 10% Bleach 5L

HYPOCLOR 10 is a very strong bleach, blended with a 10% available chlorine solution. Ideal for cleaning drains, toilet as well as removing stains from cotton fabrics and hard surfaces. The powerful concentration of the product makes it extremely cost effective and economical in use, as it can be greatly diluted.
  • Industrial & agricultural strength.
  • Removes algae and green staining.
  • Excellent on exterior walls, paving, concrete etc.
  • Kills odours at source.
SKU: J20S.5

CleanSource® HYPOCLOR 5 Standard 5% Bleach 5L

Hypoclor 5 disinfects and kills all common germs on most hard surfaces, as well as eradicating malodours at source. It will keep drains and toilets clean and fresh smelling. The bleach is effective against a wide range of pathogenic organisms.
  • Kills and disinfects all common germs.
  • Unperfumed & fast acting.
  • Removes mould, slime and fungi.
  • Kills odours at source.
  • Quality standard strength.
  • For drains, lavatories etc.
SKU: J23

CleanSource® SANI-CHLOR Bleach Sanitising Tablets (1×200)

  • Use in kitchens, food preparation areas, washrooms, bedrooms, reception areas, sluice rooms etc.
  • Removes malodours such as urine & gone-off food by killing odour producing bacteria directly.
  • Can disinfect cloths, mop heads, spillages of blood & body fluids and more!
  • More cost effective and safer than liquid bleach.
  • Simple to use - Simply add tablet to water.
  • Compact tub of 200 tablets saves on storage space, as well as having up to 5 years shelf life!
SKU: J24.7

eFRESH Original Thick Bleach Duck Bottle (12x750ml)

  • Disinfects & kills all known germs.
  • Clinging formula for long-lasting action.
  • Ideal for cleaning toilets, urinals, drains & sinks etc.
  • Removes stains and odours
  • 24 hour germ kill
  • Sold as a case of 12 x 750ml
  • 535840 / J24.7
SKU: 510040

JEYES FLUID Strong Disinfectant & Deodoriser 5L

  • Clean & disinfect tarmac, patios, driveways & hard surfaces supporting mould and algae
  • Great combination with a pressure washer.
  • Unblocks drains, cleans water butts, greenhouses, plant pots etc.
  • Hygienically cleans pet housing (hutches, kennel, stables, animal transport vehicles, chicken coops and pigeon lofts).
  • Cleans greenhouses, flower pots and gardening tools.