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Kimberly Clark® Wypall L10 1 Ply Blue Airflex 1500 Sheet Large Roll

  • Kimberly Clark WYPALL brand tissue roll with Airflex fabric paper technology
  • 1500 sheets per roll
  • Blue 100% recycled tissue
An ideal multi-purpose roll, suited to tackling a wide range of messy jobs whilst protecting hands and clothing. Popular in professional and public environments where quick clean-up and wipe down of hands, tools or surfaces is required in clinical, grooming, salon, industrial settings. 100% recycled tissue is made from patented Airfelx paper for super absorbency, plus added softness and wet strength.
  • Ideal for wiping up spills, grime and dust
  • Useful for polishing glass and smooth surfaces
  • Perfect for cleaning and drying food preparation areas
  • Available as a large, perforated roll
  • Can be used with a range of dispensing systems to help control and reduce wastage

Perola® BumpaRol™ 2 Ply 1000 Sheet x 280mm Blue Industrial Bumper Rolls

High quality 2 ply paper - Perfect for ensuring any spillages are cleaned without any problem. Suitable for heavy duty use. With its 2 ply design, these rolls provide excellent absorption, dealing with even the most viscous liquids without any trouble. The paper is also formulated not to tear and dissolve as soon as it comes into contact with liquid.
  • For heavy duty cleaning
  • 2 ply - Super absorbent
  • Retains its integrity even when wet
  • 1000 sheets per roll
  • Blue colour

Perola® BumpaRol™ 2 Ply 222m x 260mm White Industrial Bumper Rolls

Our heavy duty wiper roll is a 2 ply paper roll, that is perforated for easy cut off and used for a range of different applications, but particularly industrial facilities such as, car garages, workshops and other commercial environments where quick access, whether it be for hand drying or clearing spills, is required.

Perola® BumpaRol™ 3 Ply 370m x 370mm Sheet Blue Industrial Bumper Roll

The blue bumper rolls are ideal for industries with heavy use and high traffic. Widely used in automotive, high traffic and industrial environments. Designed for fast access and minimum mess.
  • UK manufactured
  • Ideal for wiping, drying and spills
  • Easy tear
  • Absorbent and strong
  • CHSA accredited