The Grusome Truth about Jet Hand Dryers


Ever fancied drying your hands with someone else’s faecal germs? Not a pleasant thought is it.

Studies have shown that 95% of adults don’t wash their hands properly after visiting the toilet.

If you consider that the types of bacteria left on your hands after using the loo include E.coli, Faecal bacteria, Staphylococci, Coronavirus and other virus types, you’d not want these blowing around a room, on your clothes and in your face. Or would you?

Every time someone puts their bacteria coated hands in a jet air dryer, they’re spraying their germs – and in a busy washroom the last 20 person’s germs, – up to two meters away from the jet air dryer. Mostly we don’t give this a second thought. After all, who wants to spend time in the washroom when they’re rushing for lunch? Perhaps if you knew that the average jet air dryer harbours 48 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, you’d think twice before picking up your sandwich after a visit to the washroom.

It’s not all doom and gloom though.

A good supply of absorbent paper towels can dramatically increase hand hygiene in the washroom. Not only are your hands being properly dried, the bacteria is being binned and removed rather than shared around.

It doesn’t have to be a costly and messy exercise either. Paper roll towel systems, such as the Perola HanDri single sheet dispensing solution from Caterclean Supplies, can help to reduce consumption by up to 5 times when compared to a traditional paper towel dispenser and because a single sheet is dispensed at a time, you’re not faced with a messy stack of loose paper towels.

So if you’re not keen on being part of a germ sharing scheme, consider more hygienic alternatives such as paper towel systems.

Did you know, Caterclean Supplies offers a full washroom hygiene consultation package, and are able to support with Free on Loan dispenser schemes to help enhance your washrooms.

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