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SKU: J11.5

CleanSource® ALGOWAY PRO Outdoor Cleaner, Moss & Algae Remover 5L

ALGOWAY-PRO is a multi-purpose anti-bacterial biocidal treatment for the easy treatment, removal and prevention of moss, mould and algae on hard surfaces!
  • Use on paths, render, patios, fencing & decking. Even suitable for roofs, uPVC, windows, boats, caravans, motor homes, sheds, tennis courts, decking & driveways etc. where green, mould, algae or moss is present.
  • Non abrasive | No bleach / acids | Biodegradable | Easy application | Long-lasting | High coverage
  • Kills moss, algae and mould within 2-4 days
SKU: J22.5

CleanSource® HYPOCLOR 10 Super Strength Industrial 10% Bleach 5L

HYPOCLOR 10 is a very strong bleach, blended with a 10% available chlorine solution. Ideal for cleaning drains, toilet as well as removing stains from cotton fabrics and hard surfaces. The powerful concentration of the product makes it extremely cost effective and economical in use, as it can be greatly diluted.
  • Industrial & agricultural strength.
  • Removes algae and green staining.
  • Excellent on exterior walls, paving, concrete etc.
  • Kills odours at source.
SKU: 510040

JEYES FLUID Strong Disinfectant & Deodoriser 5L

  • Clean & disinfect tarmac, patios, driveways & hard surfaces supporting mould and algae
  • Great combination with a pressure washer.
  • Unblocks drains, cleans water butts, greenhouses, plant pots etc.
  • Hygienically cleans pet housing (hutches, kennel, stables, animal transport vehicles, chicken coops and pigeon lofts).
  • Cleans greenhouses, flower pots and gardening tools.