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48mm x 33m Black & Yellow Hazard Warning Tape (Roll)

Hazard Tape, PE laminated synthetic cloth duct tape, coated with a semi-permanent synthetic rubber ? resin solvent free adhesive. Its adhesive formulation resists at low temperatures with excellent bonding to multiple rough and smooth surfaces. Ideal for bonding, sealing, jointing, repairing and warning-marking operations. This tough hazard warning lined adhesive tape is characterised by good abrasion resistance and high adhesion. For clean removal, long-term UV exposure is not recommended. Hazard Tapes are used to identify and seal off hazard and safety areas and as marking systems to keep safe distances between people.

Digital Room Temperature Comfort Thermometer

Comfort thermometer with max/min temperature & humidity function
  • Can save money on heating bills
  • Simple to use, easy to read
  • Helps prevent hypothermia
  • Helps defeat mould
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Digital Stem Probe Catering Thermometer

Compact, pen-shaped digital catering thermometer with stainless steel probe.
  • Temperature range -49.9 to 149.9 °C
  • Display hold feature & °C/°F functions
  • Supplied with probe cover, incorporating pocket clip
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Dishwasher Temperature Test Strips (Pack of 25)

A simple and effective way to record your dishwasher temperature, just simply loop round the dishwasher rack to attach. The blue bar turns orange when temperature reaches 82°C to ensure dishes are hygienically cleaned.

Product features

  • Dimensions 102(H)x 13(W)mm
  • Evidence for EHO inspections
  • Date and signature strip
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Non adhesive

Folding Gourmet Probe Digital Catering Thermometer

Gourmet Thermometer water resistant thermometer with folding probe
  • Pocket-sized thermometer with hold function
  • Temperature range -39.9 to 149.9 °C
  • Includes CalCheck 0.0°C function
  • Accuracy of ±0.5 °C or better
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Multi Function Digital Catering Thermometer

Multi-function thermometer with max/min & alarm functions.
  • Foldaway stand, pocket clip & probe storage clip
  • Displays temperature & alarm set temperature
  • Complete with stainless steel penetration probe

Waterproof Digital Stem Probe Catering Thermometer

Waterproof thermometer with max/min and °C/°F functions
  • Easy to use, pocket-sized thermometer
  • Max/min memory function
  • Perfect as dishwasher thermometer
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