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SKU: F20S.5

CleanSource® DURA BUFF Floor Maintainer 5L

High polymer concentrated floor polish maintainer. Highly efficient cleaner, easily burnished to a high gloss, pleasant and fragrant in use. Use as a polish maintainer for: linoleum, PVC, rubber, sealed cork, sealed wood, terrazzo and thermoplastic floors.
SKU: F1S.5

CleanSource® DURA CEEL Acrylic Base Coat Floor Sealer 5L

  • DURA CEEL is a non-yellowing polymer film that goes down prior to emulsion floor polishes.
  • DURA CEEL is the base layer that helps protect the floor from knocks, scratches, wear & tear.
  • Does not discolour even the lightest floor.
  • Penetrates and seals porous floors, provides an ideal base for emulsion application.
  • DURA CEEL is resistant to polish strippers.
  • Use DURA CEEL on all linoleum, P.V.C., rubber, terrazzo and thermoplastic floors.
  • N.B. Do not use on unsealed wood and cork floor coverings.
SKU: F12S.5

CleanSource® DURA GLOSS Ultra High Gloss ‘Wet look’ Floor Polish 5L

  • DURA GLOSS is easy to use - no burnishing required. Maximum scuff resistance.
  • Wet Look Floor Polish (25%)
  • A high quality acrylic polymer-based metallised floor polish, which dries to an outstanding 'wet look' finish, with excellent slip resistance.
  • An ultra modern polish, which offers gloss, ultimate durability, and the perfect base to clean, protect and prolong the life of a floor.
  • Suitable for use on non-porous floors, including; vinyl, rubber, linoleum, thermoplastic, asphalt, sealed wood, sealed cork, marble and terrazzo.
  • Recommended for use in schools, colleges, hotels, offices, airports, factories, shops, shopping centres, ferries, bars, nightclubs and pubs.
  • Low maintenance requirement.
  • Dries to a wet look gloss.
  • Protects and prolongs the life of flooring materials.
SKU: F11S.5

CleanSource® DURA SHINE High Shine Floor Polish 5L

DURA SHINE is a high solids metallised polish for extreme strength and durability coupled with ease of removability with a non-yellowing cross linked polymer film which will not discolour even the lightest floor. Produces a deep shine with excellent slip resistance and responds brilliantly to spray burnishing techniques. Application
  • For all linoleum, P.V.C., rubber, sealed cork, sealed wood, terrazzo and thermoplastic floors.
  • N.B. Not suitable for unsealed wood, unsealed cork or laminate flooring.
SKU: F21S.5

CleanSource® JELCLEM Lemon Floor Cleaning Gel 5L

  • High Impact Lemon Floor Gel
  • A concentrated low foam hard surface cleaner, re-odouriser and maintainer for regular use.
  • A viscous yellow liquid gel, which contains natural lemon oils to leave a lingering lemon freshness.
  • Suitable for use on all flooring and surfaces including; linoleum, thermoplastic floors, sealed cork, terrazzo, sealed wood, vinyl and concrete.
  • Ideal for use schools, colleges, hotels, offices, airports, factories, shops, shopping centres, ferries, bars, nightclubs and pubs.
SKU: F23S.5

CleanSource® JELPINE Pine Floor Cleaning Gel 5L

Pine Floor Gel Cleaner
  • Ideal mopping solution for all surfaces.
  • An economical maintenance method for polished floors
  • Will not remove or dull polish at recommended dilution.
  • Removes dirt and heel marks with ease.
  • Perfect for spray cleaning.
  • Suitable for use on linoleum, PVC, rubber, sealed cork, sealed wood and thermoplastic floors.
SKU: F50S.5

CleanSource® POLYGONE Heavy Duty Floor Polish Stripper 5L

  • POLYGONE 'Unlocks' metallised emulsion polish, making removal easy.
  • Aids quick removal of all floor polishes even those 'aged on'.
  • Effective, heavy duty detergent - ideal for all hard surface scrub cleaning jobs.
  • Penetrating action rapidly loosens dirt and heavy build-ups.
  • Controlled foam for use with suction driers and combined machines.
  • Recommended for use with all scrubbing machines.
SKU: F32S.5

CleanSource® QUADRO Super Strength Scrubber Drier Detergent 5L

  • Super Strength Scrubber Drier Detergent.
  • Formulation removes the toughest grease & grime.
  • Low foaming, for use in scrubber-drier machines.
  • Ideal for cleaning large warehouses, rapid grease cutting ensures only one pass of the machine is required.
  • Unperfumed, product will not taint in food storage areas.
SKU: F51S.5

CleanSource® QUICK-STRIP Rinse-Free Floor Polish Stripper 5L

  • Rinse-Free Polish Stripper Latest advanced technology to unlock metallised polish.
  • QUICK STRIP'S rinse-free formula saves time by up to 50% making the job even quicker!
  • QUICK STRIP aids quick removal of all floor polishes even those ?aged on?.
  • Effective, heavy duty detergent - ideal for all hard surface scrub cleaning jobs.
  • Penetrating action rapidly loosens dirt and heavy build-ups.
  • Advanced soil suspending formula helps recovery.
  • Low foam for speed use and ultimate wet pickup
SKU: F31S.5

CleanSource® SCRUB-TEK Heavy Duty Scrubber Drier Detergent 5L

  • Heavy Duty Scrubber Drier Detergent.
  • Specially formulated for scrubber drier use.
  • Rapid action, cleans thoroughly in one pass.
  • Controlled foam will not block suction drier.
  • Ideal for automatic cleaning of food storage areas, factories, warehouses and supermarkets.
  • Biodegradable, phosphate free.
SKU: F30S.5

CleanSource® TERRAZONE Specialist Stone Floor Cleaner 5L

Specialist Stone Floor Cleaner.
  • Specially formulated to clean and maintain terrazzo and marble
  • Neutral formula - Will not attack or discolour marble and terrazzo floors
  • Moderate foam - Will not block suction driers, no rinsing required
  • Effective neutral cleaner for all surfaces besides marble and terrazzo
  • Clean terrazzo and marble effectively without causing long term deterioration.
  • Also suitable for quarry tiles, concrete and all non-porous surfaces.
SKU: F24S.5

CleanSource® TOP SHINE Mopable 2 in 1 Floor Polish & Maintainer 5L

Concentrated clean and shine floor polish. Use with buffing machines or mopped on. Use on all types of thermoplastic and synthetic floor coverings.
  • Outstanding gloss
  • Durable finish
  • Slip resistant
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Non-yellowing
SKU: 731C

Clear Varnish Resinous Protective Floor Sealer 5 Litres

  • A Solvent-based, advanced floor sealant that creates a durable, gloss finish.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, Clear Varnish will improve the appearance and extend the life of a floor.
  • Use to varnish sealed and unsealed wood, hardwood, parquet, and block floors.
  • Ideal for use in sports halls, gymnasiums, school and church halls, leisure centres etc.
SKU: FC-CM-008-5L

Diversey® Bourne Seal Natural Protective Floor Sealer 5 Litres

Bourne Seal Protective Floor Sealer
  • Solvent wood floor sealer for interior wood and floor surfaces
  • Use on wood, cork, and concrete surfaces to protect and enhance the appearance of all hardwood floors
  • Resists dirt, soilage, water and oil
SKU: FC-CM-015-5L

Diversey® Bourne Traffic Liquid Floor Wax Natural 5 Litres

A solvent based wax floor polish for traditional maintenance of wood floors. Ideal for use on Wood, Cork, Granwood & Terracotta floors. Protects and builds a long lasting shine. Regular buffing remove scuff marks and produces a hard, slip resistant finish. Fully buffable.
  • Liquid wax for wood and cork floors
  • Traditional wax product to care for waxed wood or cork floors
  • Liquid formula provides easy application
SKU: 110.5

PDQ Polymeric Liquid Floor Wax Cleaner & Maintainer 5L

  • Polymeric wax floor maintainer and general cleaner.
  • Fragrant, opaque yellow liquid removes soiling and scuff marks from floors to leave a slip-resistant shine.
  • Can be used on vinyl, thermoplastic, linoleum, rubber, asphalt, terrazzo, marble, sealed and unsealed wood, painted surfaces, plastics and laminates.
  • Widely used in schools, colleges, hotels, offices, airports, factories, shops,?shopping centres, ferries, bars, nightclubs and pubs.
SKU: A257-05

Prochem® STONE & TILE CLEAN Acidic Stone Floor Cleaner 5L

  • Formulated mildly acidic detergent stone and tile cleaner for quarry tiles, ceramic tiles and grout.
  • Stone & Tile Clean will help remove soil, grease, limescale and grout residues.
  • Clear orange tinted liquid with fresh mint fragrance.