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Perola® AirSoft™ Airlaid Specialist Centrefeed Wiper Rolls (1×6)

These airlaid centrefeed rolls have excellent absorbency and wet strength, plus are an extremely soft non-woven wiper. Manufactured from a polyester and cellulose blend, combining the high absorbency of the paper wiper with the cleanliness of synthetic fibres. Suitable for general wiping and spill control in controlled environments with low particle counts and solvent compatibility. Ideal for soaking up fluids and heavy duty cleaning tasks. Widely used by engineers, within clean rooms, the aerospace industry and printers. See full description below.

Perola® KarriBox™ 2-Ply Blue Centrefeed Wiping Roll in Dispenser Box

Blue centrefeed wiping roll in a portable cardboard dispenser box with a handy carry handle. The wipers can be pulled through the dispensing hole, ensuring the remaining roll remains clean. The roll is 100% recycled paper with very high absorbency. Ideal for use when extra mobility is required. Use to clean windows along with the CleanSource® REFLECT glass cleaner, mop up spills, removing grease or fat etc.

Perola® PolyPlus™ 150 x Strong Lint-Free Wipers in Dispenser Box White

1-ply disposable, single use low lint wipers in a white dispenser box. Medium weight, cloth-like feel, non woven fabric - Blend of cellulose pulp and polyester. Highly absorbent, solvent resistant, and with its high strength they are designed to perform in medium - heavy wiping tasks e.g. oil, solvents, polishing and general cleaning. Their compatability with solvents make theses wipes ideal in industrial environments. Makes light work of heavy duty tasks such as degreasing and cleaning of tools and equipment. The wipes are snag-resistant and 99% lint free, so when torn it doesn't disintegrate. Their low-lint formula means they will not disintegrate or leave residue. They can be wrung out and reused.
150 white wipes in a cardboard dispenser carry box with a handy carry handle.