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SKU: 994528

‘MST’ Multi Surface Cleaning Tool
  • Clean internal windows, mirrors, glass, stainless steel and a multitude of hard surfaces easily with this versatile cleaning tool.
  • This tool leaves surfaces clean, dry and smear-free with minimum effort.
  • To be used with a microfibre pad.
  • Will also fit an interchange handle for high-level cleaning.
  • Has a comfortable soft grip handle and pivoting head.
SKU: 994226

Blue Microfibre Pad for MST Multi Surface Cleaning Tool
  • Blue microfibre pads are ideal for laminate and wood and in general areas.
  • Can be used on windows, glass areas stainless steel, laminated wood and a multitude of hard surfaces
  • The surface is left perfectly clean, instantly dry and smear-free
  • Washable microfibre pads
SKU: LD0048

CleanSource® 48″ Lambswool Dust Flick

Made from hard-wearing natural fibres, the Lambswool duster attracts and holds dust, and is available in assorted colours with a range of three handle lengths.

CleanSource® Domed Cobweb Brush With Telescopic Handle

Long handled cobweb brush with an extending handle. Allows for easy removal of cobwebs from any hard-to-reach areas. Ideal for ceilings and corners. Contoured shape and soft bristles remove dust and cobwebs from corners and baseboards.
  • Very soft and light 150mmø cobweb and dusting brush, filled with very soft flagged PVC bristles.
  • Blue only, with twist and lock extending handle, overall length with brush 1150mm to 1960mm.
  • No need for ladders - Long extending handle solves hard-to-reach cobwebs!
SKU: 439

CleanSource® Heavy Duty Cobweb Brush Head

Close-bristled, wire frame brush ideal for reaching and trapping dust and cobwebs. Available to fit telescopic poles and heavy gauge handles.

CleanSource® High Level Dusting Tool With Telescopic Handle

  • Very soft domestic cobweb duster, filled with attractively coloured blue/red PVC, dusting head.
  • Flexi head can be bent and curved to do different dusting tasks.
  • Dusting Head Size: 660mm by 60mmø
  • When complete with the two stage twist and lock extending aluminium handle, the overall length is 1480mm - 1960mm.
  • Light and easy to use.
SKU: 890501

Interchange High Level Telescopic Flexi Dusting Kit Complete (Extends 2.5m)

Interchange High Level Telescopic Flexi Dusting Kit Complete (Extends 2.5m) Contains:
  • Lightweight, strong, rust-free alloy telescopic pole
  • Washable red sleeve can be re-used
  • Interchange flexi dusting tool frame offers extended reach & flexibility
This kit is ideal for dusting / de-cobwebbing in high up and difficult to reach areas e.g. windows, corners of rooms, on-top or behind wardrobes and cupboards etc.