Ecovi Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Ecovi is our leading brand of eco-friendly cleaning products that are Tough on dirt. Kind to the Planet.

Ecovi products are LIRECO Low Impact Rated & Eco-Friendly meaning that they have exceptional environmental credentials.

We have 5 core cleaning products in the Ecovi cleaning chemicals range.

Ecovi was born from customers who were wanting a highly concentrated cleaning solutions, with exceptional green credentials. With Ecovi we’re all about reducing waste which is why we have no small pack sizes.

The idea with Ecovi is that you can use a pelican pump on top of the bottle to dilute into a mop bucket for floor cleaning or into a re-usable trigger spray bottle for surface cleaning.

These eco-friendly chemicals from Ecovi can be used to clean your washrooms, floors, and hard surfaces. Ecovi eco-friendly cleaners leave rooms and surfaces grime-free, and all have the LIRECO accrediation, confirming that their harm and impact on the environment is minimised. What’s more, Ecovi has not in the past, does not currently and will not in the future use animal testing on any of their products. These eco-friendly cleaners are made from raw materials that are 100% biodegradable in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions, plus these chemicals are based on natural citric acid that is safe in use.