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Pacvac Superpro 700 Battery Backpack Vacuum Cleaner + 4 Li-ion Batteries & Charger Supplied complete with 4 Lithium-Ion batteries - giving up to a massive 1 and a half hours continuous vacuuming time! No other machine on the market will work this long in one period! Also comes with a twin battery charging station - meaning you can charge 2 batteries at once!

Did you know? Pacvac backpack vacuum cleaners are '4 times faster' than using a standard tub vacuum cleaner or upright vacuum cleaner. Speed up your productivity today by switching to a Pacvac.

RECOMMENDED USE: Offices, Commercial Premises, Retail (store outlets and supermarkets), Car Dealerships, Stadiums, Theatres, Education Facilities (Schools, Colleges, Universities) and Public Buildings (Civic Centres, Museums and Galleries).